Divmod Mantissa

Mantissa is an application server. It provides integration between the Divmod Axiom ‘smart’ object database, the Divmod Nevow web templating/AJAX/COMET framework and the Twisted framework.

Read more about Mantissa’s philosophy and motivation: Mantissa is the Deployment Target.

The goal of Mantissa is to provide a common platform that open-source contributors can use to help us build customized additions to the Divmod service. Divmod is going to offer a variety of different services, and if you want to write something that hooks into our network, Mantissa is how you do it.



  • [wiki:DivmodAxiom/AxiomTutorial Exarkun’s Axiom and Mantissa tutorial]: Short, sharp Axiom/Mantissa tips and tricks.
  • [wiki:MantissaWikiTutorial Mantissa Wiki Tutorial] A bit short on explanations, but complete
  • [wiki:MantissaBlogTutorial Mantissa Blog Tutorial]
  • [wiki:MantissaHowTo An example of how to build a Mantissa application (incomplete)]

See Also

  • ‘’Development’’ version of the [http://buildbot.divmod.org/apidocs/xmantissa.html Mantissa API docs]
  • Several of the Axiom docs on the DivmodAxiom page are also Mantissa docs.
  • [wiki:DivmodMantissa/Sharing /Sharing]: description of sharing functionality
  • [wiki:DivmodMantissa/Concepts /Concepts]: other concepts with which Mantissa users should be familiar