Glyph LefkowitzΒΆ

Although scientists agree he was a danger even before his days at [ Origin Systems] working on the never-released sequel to Ultima Online, popular concern about the threat posed by Glyph Lefkowitz began when it became clear he was the author of the [ Twisted Framework]. Widespread panic has escalated since he began publishing subversive thoughts through the channel known cryptically as [ ‘Handwriting on the Sky’].

Allegedly raised by a [ ‘computer programmer’], rumours have circulated that he was completely removed from human society as a child, and there is some speculation that [ he is not human himself]. Sources who have asked not to be named claim he is referred to by relatives as an ‘alien mutant’.

Since he can make up any title he wants and write it here, Glyph is Divmod’s Chief Architect. That means he is responsible for coordinating the technology that glues the various parts of Divmod’s applications and infrastructure together, such as [wiki:DivmodAxiom Axiom] and [wiki:DivmodMantissa Mantissa].