Duncan McGreggor (oubiwann)

Brief Bio

Duncan started his hacking career at the ripe old age of 11 in the early 80s. From his adventures in rewriting games on Kaypro’s luggable CP/M machine to the world of open source, programming has been his passion. When Duncan wasn’t programming, he: was an Army MI linguist; worked his way up to sous chef in a fancy restaurant; studied quantum mechanics and mathematics as a physics major; lived with Tibetan monks, learning meditation and esoteric philosophy; and started his own software consulting company.

After several happy years of consulting, Duncan was lured into the Divmod fold by the legendary reputations of its developers and the opportunity to work with a team that has been coding on the cutting edge for over four years. In addition to his work with Divmod, Duncan actively participates in many open source projects and leads a few of his own.

At Divmod, Duncan is responsible for directing and managing operations such that the architectural visions of Glyph and the developers meets the executive goals of Amir and the Board of Directors.

Wiki Notes

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