The Divmod Fan Club

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Do you use Divmod’s code?

Do you have a poster of Exarkun on your wall?

Do you love our giant-killing chutzpah?

Do you have a friend or family member on the Divmod team?

Has work you’ve done using a Divmod project made you fantastically wealthy, such that you don’t know what to do with all your extra disposable income?

Now you know.

Joining Up

Join the club!

We offer a few different levels of membership.

  • Bronze Membership - $10 per month - Buy Glyph enough caffeine to get through one average day.
  • Silver Membership - $25 per month - Take JP out to a restaurant.
  • Gold Membership - $50 per month - Pay for Allen’s cell phone calls to Divmod HQ.
  • Platinum Membership - $100 per month - Buy Moe’s groceries for a month.
  • Diamond Membership - $250 per month - Buy an iPod for a tireless contributor.
  • fan-club-mithril - starting at $1000 per month (email to - Buy Amir a pony.

Huh What?!

Our developer community has approached us to express their appreciation of our work, and to influence us to work on particular aspects of our product for the their benefit.

We’ve created the Divmod Fan Club, or the ‘DFC’, to give those users a way to pay back, and a way for us to very publicly say ‘thank you!’.

It’s Awesome - Why should I sign up?

Conscience. Influence. Status.


Simple: you give because you take.


The club has monthly meetings over IRC where Divmod will propose a group of open-source features to be prioritized. Club members will be allowed to vote on the order those features will be implemented in. We are currently tallying the results of our first meeting - watch this space for our club-designated priorities!

Members will be allowed a number of votes corresponding to the number of dollars per month that their membership costs, except Mithril members, who receive a maximum of 250 votes each, or can instead choose to apply their membership fees directly to the expense of implementing features of their choice.


Members of the club who sign up for one of our Divmod commercial services (such as the soon-to-be-re-launched Divmod Mail) will occasionally get special treats, early access to new features, and extra goodies not available to the general public.

Eventually they will also receive a ‘badge’ displayed next to their user-icon in public areas.

Additionally, since we are currently using this club to beta-test our billing system, members who sign up during the beta period (prior to the first day of !PyCon) will receive an ‘arcanite alloy’ bonus, and be allowed 5 additional votes for their membership level during the first 3 meetings. Members who are currently subscribers to Divmod Mail will additionally receive this bonus indefinitely.

Where does the money go?

To pay employees, particularly for time spent on community work that is not essential to Divmod’s core business.

To hire or buy gifts for some of our open source contributors.

To pay for hosting.

Once that’s done, we may send some of this money to open-source contributors to our products whom we do not employ, and then, if we have hojillions of dollars left over, start paying for development of features in software Divmod’s code depends upon, such as SQLite and Python.