Divmod Athena

Adding LiveElements to a LivePage on fly tutorial

Javascript function Nevow.Athena.Widget.addChildWidgetFromWidgetInfo can be used to do that.

All you need on the server is to return a LiveElement instance:

from nevow import athena

class WhateverElement(athena.LiveElement):

  def getNewLiveElement(self):
    return SomeOtherLiveElement()

Note: you should also call setFragmentParent on the new LiveElement (see here).

On the client, you need some code & a free XML node to append the new element to:

// import Nevow.Athena
// import Divmod.Runtime

What.Ever = Nevow.Athena.Widget.subclass('What.Ever');
What.Ever.methods = (

 function foo(self) {
   d = self.callRemote('getNewLiveElement');


     function liveElementReceived(le) {

       d2 = self.addChildWidgetFromWidgetInfo(le);
         function childAdded(widget) {

           /* widget is a Nevow.Athena.Widget instance and it
            * represents a newly created widget for the liveelement
            * got from the server */

           /* find a node to attach the widget to: */

           /* you could also use, for example:
            * var node = self.nodeById('lastNode');
            * node.replaceChild(widget.node, node.firstChild);