A Note About Formless TypedInterfaces

One of the original goals for Formless was that as well as web forms, it should be flexible enough to handle forms for other user interfaces e.g. curses, gtk. The idea was that the developer should create a TypedInterface (an enhanced Zope Interface) describing the signature of a method that might be invoked in response to a form submission. By implementing this interface in a Nevow.rend.Page, the developer could present a web UI. Elsewhere the same TypedInterface could be implemented to provide a gtk UI for example. In practice though, only the web form rendering code was maintained.

Recently TypedInterface has been deprecated in favour of the newer and simpler `bind_*` syntax. (see Nevow Changelog 2005-07-12) Confusingly for the beginner, most of the Nevow examples still use TypedInterfaces, but hopefully these will be updated in due course.

In the rest of this document we will use only the new bind_* syntax.

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